Chad turns 1-5Chad turns 1-5 Chad turns 1-9Chad turns 1-9 Chad turns 1-12Chad turns 1-12 Chad turns 1-17Chad turns 1-17 Chad turns 1-41Chad turns 1-41 Chad turns 1-43Chad turns 1-43 Chad turns 1-50Chad turns 1-50 Chad turns 1-51Chad turns 1-51 Chad turns 1-107Chad turns 1-107 Chad turns 1-110Chad turns 1-110 Chad turns 1-115Chad turns 1-115 There's no better way to celebrate your baby's first birthday than with a 1st Birthday Cake Smash!
Over the past twelve months you've watched them grow. You've held them while they cried.
Laughed with them and slept along side them. The milestones you've watched and the happiness you felt.
The hardship you've endure and tears you've shed.
It all led to this one day!

The achievements you have both made!
Now is the time to party, and I say let's smash a cake!!

Decorated to your own desire!
"What should my big One year old wear?" I LOVE a good dress up! So I say... Why not!?... Fairy wings & a tutu, bow tie & suspenders, you can go as big or small as you desire!
Decorations for your little one's cake smash are also up to you. Balloons & Buntings help set the party mood. But you could also relish in the cool green grass under a shady tree.
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20 minute session with 20-70 edited images,
both colour & B&W, supplied digitally,
for $350

Have your images presented on a beautiful wooden usb for $49

Price includes travel to nearby towns, Lismore, Alstonville, Ballina, Casino & Evans Head