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The arrival of a new Baby is such a special time, a time to treasure and capture for life.  

A Newborn or Baby portrait session is the best way to capture their "cuteness", their tiny nose, cute little feet, lushes lashes and gorgeous locks.
The best time to hold their session is when your baby is between 5 & 14 days old, this is when they are still in their "sleepy" phase and makes them much easier to pose, although I will photograph babies of any age. 


My Newborn Lifestyle sessions are perfect for capturing you & your new bundle exactly how they are, you will have use of my wraps, blankets, baskets, headbands and bonnets, with bub wrapped up and cosy, I will snap away as you take the time to bond with your new baby, capturing the precious moments between you all. We will use the baskets and props supplied for bub to have their own portraits as well. Lifestyle sessions can be held in the comfort of your own home and property or if you don't own property we can choose a beach walk or farm location around the northern rivers area. 


40-60 min Outdoor lifestyle session. 
 home, country or beach walk location. 
unlimited images in colour & B&W
supplied digitally.


Choose a selection of images to have retouched ready to hang on your walls for $50/each

Have your images presented on a beautiful wooden engraved usb for $50

Price includes travel to nearby towns, Lismore, Alstonville, Ballina, Casino & Evans Head.