_DSC1767-2_DSC1767-2 _DSC1766_DSC1766 _DSC1733_DSC1733 _DSC1739-2_DSC1739-2 _DSC1745-2_DSC1745-2 _DSC1747_DSC1747 _DSC1735-2_DSC1735-2 _DSC1761-2_DSC1761-2 _DSC1772-2_DSC1772-2 _DSC1788-2_DSC1788-2 _DSC1792-2_DSC1792-2 _DSC1795-2_DSC1795-2 _DSC1797-2_DSC1797-2 _DSC1805_DSC1805 _DSC4092-2_DSC4092-2 _DSC4095-2_DSC4095-2 _DSC4129-2_DSC4129-2 _DSC4138-2_DSC4138-2 _DSC4154-2_DSC4154-2 _DSC4157-2_DSC4157-2 _DSC4160-2_DSC4160-2 _DSC4202-2_DSC4202-2 _DSC4211-2_DSC4211-2 _DSC4224_DSC4224 _DSC4249-2_DSC4249-2 _DSC4257-2_DSC4257-2 _DSC4267-2_DSC4267-2 _DSC4277_DSC4277 _DSC4287_DSC4287 _DSC4289-2_DSC4289-2 _DSC4294-2_DSC4294-2 _DSC4296_DSC4296 A couples portrait session is a time  to celebrate your love! It's a call for flirting, quirky moments and laughing out loud!
The love you feel for each other is precious. Let me capture your connection and bring it to life.
I want you to feel at ease in front of my lens, to giggle and have fun.
I want you to forget you're being photographed and just be in the moment.

If you've chosen me as your wedding photographer, your engagement session is also a time to get to know me. You'll start to understand how I work.
Your session is the perfect "practice" for your big day. It will help ease any nerves you may have about being photographed.
From your session you will receive a mixture of posed and candid images celebrating your engagement. They will be edited with my special touch, style & flare.
These images will reflect your personalities and the connection you share.
You can find more recent images and updates on my 

30 min session with edited images,
in both colour & B&W, supplied digitally
for $420

Have your images presented on a beautiful wooden engraved usb for $50

Prices include travel to nearby towns, Lismore, Ballina, Alstonville, Casino & Evans Head.